Top Magicians in Bethel, PA for Kids and Adult Parties

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Bethel, PA Magician Eddy Ray Is Ready To Bring His Magic To You!

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Bethel Pennsylvania, home to the top magician Eddy Ray. Maybe you’ve seen him perform his summer reading program at the local library, or maybe your child has come home from a friends party raving about the awesome magic show “that happens a LOT!” . Either way, you should know that the top magician in Bethel Pennsylvania is able to bring his delightful and engaging magic to YOU!
Many people wonder if they need to secure a venue when booking Eddy however that is really up to you. He is perfectly comfortable and capable of providing a professional quality magic show at your home! If the weather is nice he can even perform outdoors so he is very flexible when it comes to your needs. Of course, not all magicians do this, so Eddy really is the one looking out for your best interests.
He often provides tips, advice, and suggestions to you when you inquire or book. This can help give you a good understanding of what sort of magic show from him will be best suited for your event or party. This way you get exactly what YOU want and your guests will certainly notice the thought and hard work you put in making the event happen.
You may be asking yourself what age group is best suited for Eddy’s magic. Good news, All AGES! How is this possible? Well, Eddy specializes in family friendly magic shows and  has been performing magic as a full time living at private parties and public events such as community festivals, summer campgrounds, resorts and other similar venues.
Don’t forget, when Eddy is booked for your event, he makes sure the show is tailored towards your event including the ages attending. This way everyone is able to enjoy in the magical experience that will surely be the hit you expect it to be! Ok, enough chat… contact this Bethel, PA magician today using the above form and he will respond quickly.